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Sledshop RUN2FUN: Sledge, Toboggan, Special model handicapped sport

New sled experience with the Runwave
New sled experience. Easy to learn and suitable for everyone
Sport sled Runwave with steering brakes
Sharp turns and major down-grade are no longer a problem
Sled nevelty Runwave with steering brakes
Steering-brakes. Go fast with high safety on the track
Sport sled Runwave. Sledding with weight-shift
Weight-shift. Many possibilities to enhance the driving skills


The new sled experience!



from Ro-Lands Design & Objectdevelopment, was developed by sledders for sledders, and is equally ideally suitable for all stages of experience and every age. Its ergonomic design, with excellent driving dynamics and precision steering brakes, ensure that your ride will be both fun and safe. The adjustable backrest guarantees an optimal sitting position and optimal comfort. The new-style steering and braking system offers a perfect control over your speed and stability on the run at all times. Weight-displacement and operation with heel pressure can be freely combined just as you like. The Runwave can be easily collapsed and reassembled by use of clip pins and the high-quality stainless steel is durable and weatherproof.

The Runwave has been developed directly to suite the sledding trend in winter sports and the excellent infrastructure around toboggan runs. It fulfills the increased requirements and makes a relaxed sledding possible even throughout the whole day.The exciting ride with steering brakes and top ergonomics, offers great fun for all fans of sledding. The gearing towards mass sport, enables people with all levels of experience and of all ages to have a wonderful recreational time. Even more fun can be achieved when using the sled as two-seater.

Funwave sled fun
For everyone. Easy to steer and precise tracking
Swift sled Funwave
Special runners. Fast even on minor downgrade
Premium steel sled Funwave
Top quality. Premium steel, made in EU
New sled Funwave
Sled fun. Modern, comfortable, swift and maneuverable


Sled fun at its best!


The Funwave toboggan

is symphatized with normal sleds. A well known look but with a modern design. With it's high quality premium steel the Funwave is extremly durable and maintenance-free. But most important are the exchangeable special runners. These offer extraordinary gliding abilities and allow the sled to be utilized even on minor downgrade and bad snow conditions, when normally the sled fun wouldn't be possible anymore. The sled is aswell designed as two-seater and offers high comfort with the free-hanging seat for long rides on tobbogan tracks. Thanks to it's dynamic concept the Funwave is very maneuverable and easy to handle.

Runwave MMB sled fun for all
Winter sport and breath-taking experiences await
Flexible with disabilities
Safety & individuality thanks to exchangeable parts
Runwave MMB
Sled sport and sled fun with disabilities
Sled novelty Runwave MMB
Integration in sled groups and sport associations


Experience fun!


The Runwave MMB

is a custom build especially for the handicapped sport. It offers people with handicap to ride the sled independently for leisure or competition sport. With the steering brakes the sled is controllable only with the hands but also is a two-seater for a carer. Belts and feetrests offer a individual fixation of body parts if required.